Travel Update: Covid Testing Procedures (Mexico All-Inclusives)

Effective January 26, 2021, all travelers looking to board a flight into the U.S. (citizens and non-citizens alike), will have

El Dorado Maroma, by Karisma
to show proof of a negative Covid test within 72 hours prior to boarding. Obviously this will require extra preparation, but never fear, we here at Upon A Star Travel & Concierge are on top of things!

One of the best places for vacationing (especially since Covid hit) has been to the beautiful sandy shores of Mexico. Mexico, like many other countries, relies heavily on the tourism and travel industry. With a plethora of All- Inclusive options, these resorts are doing everything they can to accommodate guests from the U.S. amidst this new regulation.

Here are some of the resort announced testing procedures and policies....

Karisma Hotels & Resorts

*Free on-site Covid-19 testing 

*For guest with a positive test result, Karisma will provide quarantine accommodations until a doctor certifies clearance for travel with a negative test result for a period not to exceed 14 days

*Current policy applicable for guests through March 31, 2021

Hyatt Zilara Cancun

*Hotel medical service available 24/7 for hotel guests

*PCR test available upon request and can be done in-room

 *PCR service is NOT related to the hotel, as samples are sent to an external laboratory

*Guests must visit the hotel doctor directly to fill out a form, provide a copy of their passport and pay                for the test

*Passport is required in order for the laboratory to process the PCR test 

*$3380 pesos/person

*Results within 48 hours

Palladium Resorts

*Offering Covid testing for a fee (in USD):

    -Costa Mujeres location $150.00/person

     -Riviera Maya location $150.00/person

 UNICO 20*87* Hotel Riviera Maya
*Will provide complimentary Antigen testing to all guests returning to the U.S.A.

*The test will be available on-site and free of charge for all guests staying for 4 nights or more

 (Unico Riviera Maya)

Hard Rock Resorts (Mexico)

*Hard Rock All Inclusive Hotels will provide complimentary Antigen tests required by the CDC to all of its guests returning to the USA

*The Antigen test will be available on site and free of charge for all guests staying 3 nights or more at any of Hard Rock properties in Mexico


*Covid testing available on property

*Reserve with Concierge upon arrival

*Laboratory used: Clinico Merida (PCR Test)

*Cost of test is $55(USD) plus tax

*Days of visit from the laboratory to the hotel: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

*Delivery of results are next-day via email 

*In case of a positive test result, there is a designated area in the property where guests can stay with access to 24/7 room service, have access to an on-call doctor (extra charge), plus will be offered special rates for the extended stay (If property is full, other accommodations will be made including these same services)


*Currently, through March 31, 2021, Sandals is providing complimentary testing onsite for all of its guests by approved and practiced medical professionals

*Testing arrangements will be made upon guest arrival, with testing completed 72 hours before departure (results will take between 24-48 hours)


*Introducing a CleanComplete+ program featuring Covid-19 antigen testing on property at no-cost to guests traveling to the U.S.

*On-site testing will be administered by Hospiten

*If a guest receives a positive test while on property that prevents departure, the cost of quarantine at the property will be covered for up to 14 days (This policy is currently valid through March 31, 2021)

Palace Resorts & Le Blanc Spa

*Tests will be conducted on property at no cost to guests (for up to 2 guests per room) traveling to the U.S.

*Testing and samples will be administered by experienced in-house lab teams

*Results will be received in 30 minutes and documentation will be ready for guests to present at the airport for their journey back home

*Guests can contact the concierge to schedule their departure test as soon as they check in.

Blue Diamond Resorts

*Blue Diamond Resorts will offer to U.S. travelers free on-site Covid testing and free Medical Assistance coverage to cover the cost of any accidents or illness, including Covid-19 related medical needs

*Testing will be done through local medical labs in a designated area of resort

*Policy valid through March 31, 2021

This is an ever evolving situation, but we are constantly monitoring and adapting. At Upon A Star, we provide the resources, planning, and reassurance you need to travel during these challenging times. But that's just another reason to go the beach and drink a margarita right?! 😉

There are of course many other fantastic All-Inclusive resorts throughout Mexico, and if you are interested in booking a stay, please contact me at! You can also visit the Upon A Star Travel & Concierge website at for information and inquiries.

*A Special Thank You to Upon A Star Travel & Concierge Fearless Leader (and current Mexico resident) Lori for all of her hard work making Mexico travel as smooth as possible for all Upon A Star clients 💗


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