To Boldly Go: 2021

2020 was a year no one will forget (although many might like to). The travel industry, along with many others, experienced an unprecedented impact that still reverberates. Let's face it, 2020 showed up like Cousin Eddie at the Griswold's just after Clark finally gets to bask in his Christmas light glory. 

We may have had to endure a metaphorical 'weird relative standing in the middle of the street in a short bathrobe dumping RV sewage into the drainage pipes'  type of year, but nevertheless we have adapted, regrouped, and now prepare to welcome a new year. We plan to boldly go into 2021, and well, just go really. And part of that collective "we" ready to boldly go, are the well-trained and well-travelled agents of Upon A Star Travel & Concierge.

In honor of this bold new year, I asked my fellow Upon A Star Agents/Travel Rockstars, where they were most looking forward to going in 2021....

Jennifer - "Going to Sedona and the Disneyland Resort (California). And the WDW 50th!" 

Tiffany - " Taking my extended family to Disney for their first time!"

Katie - "[The] Christmas markets in Vienna."

Kyla - "The 50th Anniversary in WDW; Oktoberfest in Germany."

David - "The 50th Anniversary in WDW and another FAM (agent) trip."

Chere- "A family trip to Mexico."

Katrina - "A Disney Transatlantic Cruise From Dover, UK to NYC, WDW for the 50th and seeing my family in Colorado."

Jill - "Getting to see family (most of all my grandkids!) and friends again and actually hug them"!

Heather - "50th Anniversary in WDW and taking my girls to Disneyland for their very first trip there." 

Kristen - "50th Anniversary at WDW and sailing to the Southern Caribbean."

Bridget - "My Alaska Cruise!"

Erin - "Spring Break at the Fives in Mexico with a bunch of friends, WDW 50th, Vero Beach Tour de Turtles, and hopefully another trip to Mexico with just my hubby and some rockin' work trips with my work family!!"

Aurora - "Greece in April, WDW 50th in September, and hopefully Mexico again soon!"

Sara - "Disneyland!!! Mexico!! Disney for 50th!! Anywhere!! 😆"

Terra - "Having an actual honeymoon for my 20th anniversary, and going on a family vacation to somewhere tropical/out of the country."

Meredith (yours truly) - "50th Anniversary trip to Disney World, celebrating my Great Uncle's 90th Birthday in North Carolina, and possibly a first trip to Mexico!"

So here's to 2021 and a year full of magic, memories, and travel! 💗🌎

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