Attraction Spotlight: Frozen Ever After

Several things spring to mind when you mention the Disney Parks; favorite foods, favorite characters, and of course, a favorite ride or attraction! Out of all the elements that make up a Disney Park vacation, the attractions have to be the most predominant. After all, the majority of the time in the Parks will probably be spent watching a show, lining up to experience the latest and greatest attraction, or riding a classic favorite. 

With that in mind, I wanted to spend time highlighting various rides and attractions throughout the Disney Parks.  Today's post will feature one of Disney World's most popular attractions, Frozen Ever After.

A Few Quick Facts:

Location: Norway Pavilion (World Showcase), Epcot, Disney World (Orlando)

Debut: June 2016

Replaced: Maelstrom 

Fast Pass: Yes, Tier 1 (along with Soarin and Test Track). *Fast passes currently not available for any Walt Disney World ride/attraction (This is still an incredibly popular ride. Without fast passes, this needs to be your first stop, or keep an eye on wait times via the MDE app for an opportune time to ride).

On-Ride Photo: Yes! 

Will you get wet: Possibly (but just a little - poncho not required 😉 )

Additional Information:

*Any Height

*All Ages 

*Slow Ride, Small Drop, Dark(ish)

*Accessibility - If in Wheelchair or EVC, you must be able to transfer to ride boat; Handheld Captioning Available 

My Thoughts...

If you love Frozen, you will love this ride! If you cringe at the thought of hearing "Let it Go" one more time, well, then this might not be up there on your 'must do' list. However, the technology and animatronics are superb, and even if you're just looking from a break from the heat, this is a great ride option. Currently, Epcot does not have a large number of rides (especially ones that adults will love just as much as the kiddos), but more are set to debut in the future. Presently, though, Frozen is an Epcot attraction highlight and a 'must do' for many (and I expect it to remain so). Personally I love this one (Olaf is a favorite character) and I find the ride itself quite enjoyable. I will also never get tired of belting "Let it Go" given the opportunity.  

But don't just take my word for it, view the full ride on the link below!


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